V's Cupcakes

V’s Cupcakes founder, Veronick, is a self-trained pastry chef. Growing up in St-Sauveur, Quebec, V shaped her craft and ideas alongside her grandmother and continues her memory today with special desserts from her childhood. Baking became an important part of V’s adult life, a way of honoring her roots and the recipes that shaped her youth. Despite the pressures of raising a family and dealing with setbacks along the way, V never lost sight of her dream, even when confronted with the crippling effects of Lyme Disease and an ensuing heart condition.

V’s sixteen years of experience with the Canadian Armed Forces brought a natural discipline and determination to the kitchen.  Working tirelessly from the moment V’s Cupcakes opened, she knew what it is to give 200%, even when her failing health stood in the way. Her hard work paid off in less than two years when in June 2016, she was asked to provide the dessert for the North American Leaders’ Summit. Baking under the watchful eye of the Secret Service, V was able to see her unique creation served to Prime Minister Trudeau, President Obama and Mexican President Nieto. Exhausted and ecstatic, she returned to her little shop on Cloud 9, with renewed vigour and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

V’s uniquely artistic and delicious creations are made with a rigorous attention to detail, high quality and a nut-free environment – a safe place for kids, adults and concerned moms. Going nut-free unleashed V’s creativity in new areas and as a mother of three, V knew how important it was to adhere to these strict standards.


In the Spring of 2017, V encountered a major setback. Her business, V's Cupcakes, was completely destroyed in an accidental electrical fire along with 3 other businesses. Everything that she had built and worked for over 3 years disappeared infront of her eyes in just one night. V found herself faced with a difficult decision: to either give up or to get up and keep going. V chose to not let her dream die in the fire and like a pheonix, rose from the ashes with strength and spirit to rebuild her Sweet Boutique. 


But V hasn’t done it alone. With the help of her supportive family, talented, committed and passionate staff, and most of all, her wonderful customers, V experiences the joy each day of putting a smile on her customers’ faces. That, more than anything, has made her dream a reality and has motivated her through even the most challenging of times.

We hope you find that V’s Cupcakes is more than just an address. It is a destination that will touch your heart and comfort your soul.                                                           

              ~ V                                                                                                                                                          

V's creation ~ The Three Amigos Dessert